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Motorists are required to stop and provide information regarding their name, address, insurance information, and vehicle registration information anytime that damage is caused to real property or personal property due to an incident involving the motor vehicle that they are operating. This information should be provided to the person sustaining the damage or to a police officer. You are also required to stop and provide this information if you strike and injure any horse, dog, cat, or animal classified as cattle.

Motorists are required to report accidents involving death, personal injury or property damage to any one person in excess of $1,000 including himself to the Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days of the motor vehicle accident. You may do so by filing form M.V. 104 (Civilian Accident Report) which can be obtained from your insurance agent or the Department of Motor Vehicles. Reports to the police DO NOT satisfy this requirement.

Failure to report these incidents can result in the suspension of your driver’s license and / or vehicle registration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I Need To File A Police Report?
Accidents in which no one is injured or killed or there is less than $1,000 in damage to the property of any one person including yourself do not require a police report. A civil agreement may be reached by the parties involved if everyone is in agreement. You are still obligated to provide information regarding your name, address, insurance company information, and vehicle registration information to the other party. You are NOT obligated to provide your phone number. If you decide at a later date that the accident should be reported contact your insurance agent and request a civilian accident report form.

What Should I Do After The Accident is Reported?
After a police report is filed, contact your insurance agent and advise them that you have been involved in an accident. Tell them that your accident was investigated by the Town of DeWitt Police Department. Your insurance agent can guide you as to how to file a claim, obtain estimates of your damage, and repair your vehicle.

Why Wasn’t the Other Driver Ticketed When it Was Their Fault?
The issuance of a traffic ticket is at the Police Officer’s discretion. In most situations an Officer will NOT issue a ticket if they did not witness the accident. This does not in anyway diminish the fault of the driver who caused the accident.

How Do I Get A Copy of The Police Report? 

As a service to our residents and the business community, the Town of Dewitt Police Department is proud to announce a partnership with CRASHDOCS.ORG to provide online access to all Town of Dewitt Police Department vehicle crash reports.  All vehicle crash reports should be available within 5 days after the vehicle crash occurs (or sooner) except for fatal vehicle crashes and vehicle crashes still under investigation.  Fatal vehicle crash reports must be purchased at the Town of Dewitt Police Department headquarters building. 

All requests from Insurance companies for Town of Dewitt Police Department vehicle crash reports will be referred to CRASHDOCS.ORG.  The Town of Dewitt Police Department will not directly provide vehicle crash reports to insurance companies unless a specific vehicle crash report cannot be located on the CRASHDOCS.ORG website.  Individuals or Businesses can still request a vehicle crash report via a walk-in public records request.

Follow the instructions below to locate a report:

Go to WWW.CRASHDOCS.ORG and fill in state and agency information
Click find a report
Enter Last Name, Date of Accident, Accident Report Number (No Dashes)
Click search
Add report to basket/cart and checkout
Download report (PDF format) 

What Does No-Fault Mean?
New York State No-Fault Law means that in the case of personal injury suffered in an accident, each motorist’s insurance company will pay their own medical bills regardless of who is at fault . If you are injured, YOUR OWN VEHICLE INSURANCE COMPANY pays for medical costs that you or the occupants of your vehicle incur. There may be exceptions to this such as in motorcycle or ATV accidents. Be sure to check with your insurance agent if you have questions or problems.

What If I Need Medical Attention After The Accident?
If you need medical attention at the scene of the accident immediately notify the Police Officer who is investigating the incident. If you seek medical attention at a later time you do not need to notify our office that you have done so. You should notify your insurance agent that you have sought medical attention. Remember that New York State is a “no-fault” state meaning your medical expenses will be covered by your motor vehicle insurance carrier in most situations. It’s a good idea to bring your insurance identification card or a claim number to your Doctor or hospital.

What If I Have Questions About The Accident?
Please feel free to ask the Officer investigating your accident any questions that you may have regarding the accident. He will attempt to assist you in any way possible. If you have questions at a later date you may contact the Officer at our administrative number. Please remember that our Officers may not be available to speak to you during normal business hours so it is helpful if you provide phone numbers where you may be reached during the Officer’s normal work hours.

M.V. 104 Report of Motor Vehicle Accident

Accident Information Brochure