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Mission Statement

To effectively respond to the safety needs of citizens, always seeking the best resolutions to the situations we encounter, whether big or small and to actively seek out ways to fight crime, while holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards and finding ways to positively reach the members of our community.

To strive to be viewed by the citizens we serve as the most professional police organization, continuously improving in order to meet the ever changing public safety needs and expectations of society.

We, the members of the DeWitt Police Department, are committed to providing quality service to the community of DeWitt.  We believe that each one of us makes the difference between a good organization and an excellent one.  These are our organizational values.

     *     Integrity - Quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
            Always attempting to make the right decisions, admitting and learning
            from our mistakes, not attempting to hide or downplay them.

     *     Accountability - Being accountable at both the individual and organizational
            levels, holding ourselves responsible along with those around us.  The key
            to growth is being honest with ourselves identifying weakness and mistakes
            in order to strengthen and correct them.

     *     Determination - Not giving up when faced with adversity or difficult challenges,
            doing what it takes and making personal sacrifices to get the job done.

     *     Dedication - Giving constant and consistent effort, a commitment to police work,
            those we serve and the greater good of society, above ourselves.

     *     Teamwork - Working together to be more effective and efficient to better serve
            the community and to ease the burden of any one member, bearing equal weight
            to those working alongside us.