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How can I get a copy of a police report?

Can I make an anonymous "tip" to the Town of DeWitt Police Department?

What are my rights as a Victim of a Crime?

How do I commend an Officer on a good job?

How do I make a complaint against an Officer?

What should I do with this parking ticket I received?

If I am issued a traffic summons for an equipment violation, and the equipment is repaired, will the summons be dismissed?

How dark can the window tint be on my car or truck? 

How can I get myself fingerprinted by the Town of DeWitt Police Department?

I believe that I am the victim of identity theft.  How does the Dewitt Police Department handle my complaint of identity theft?

How can I get involved in a Community Policing meeting?

What can I do with old ammunition I've found around the house?