Police Commission

The Police Commission is comprised of a board of Police Commissioners who are appointed by the Town Board in accordance with Article 10, Section 150 of Town Law.  The Commission has the authority to exercise all the powers relative to police matters conferred upon the Town Board pursuant to Article 10 of Town Law.  The Commission has three members who are elected officials to the Town Board, one serving as the Chair-person.  The remaining Commissioners hold the status of ex officio and are members of the DeWitt community.  A meeting is held the second Thursday of each month at the DeWitt town hall, in which the Chief of Police reports to the Commission on all matters pertaining to the management and operation of the Department.

Police Commission Members

Ms. Kerin Rigney, Chair
Ms. Karen Docter
Mr. Sam Young

Mr. Tony Albanese
Mr. Bernard Alex
Ms. Shawnteica Carter
Mr. John Duncan
Mr. Paul Gottfried
Mr. Harry Kiddney
Dr. Rohin Mehta
Mr. David Newman
Mr. Michael Root
Mr. Armond Scipione  
Mr. Robert Tackman

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