How can I get a copy of a police report? 

You may obtain a copy of a DeWitt Police report in writing by mail, by calling 449-3640 or faxing 449-3644.    You may pick up the report in person upon completion.   If you wish that a copy be sent by mail, please provide a self-addressed and stamped envelope.    There is no charge for faxing.    For copies of reports taken by other agencies, you must contact the responsible agency. 

What should I do with this parking ticket I received? 
If you are pleading “guilty,” parking tickets should be returned to the Town of DeWitt Court by mail or in person.   If you wish to plead “not guilty,” you must appear at the DeWitt Town Court on the date listed on the bottom of the ticket.    You may contact the DeWitt Town Court at 446-9180 or 446-7136. 

If I am issued a traffic summons for an equipment violation, and the equipment is repaired, will the summons be dismissed?  
Only if the equipment cited on the summons was repaired prior to one half hour after sunset the following business day and you have the proper documentation to indicate that the repair was completed. 

How dark can the window tint be on my car or truck?  
The windows on the front driver’s side and front passenger’s side must have a 70% light transmittance or greater in the front driver and passenger side windows.  No tint is allowed on the windshield.     As a general rule, if your vehicle has factory tinted glass, the addition of any tint will create a light transmittance of less than 70% and therefore be illegal. 

How can I get involved in a block watch? 
If your neighborhood is interested in participating in a block watch program, you may contact Lt. Brenton White at 449-3640 ext. 107 or by E-mail communitypolicing@townofdewitt.com 

How can I get myself fingerprinted by the Town of DeWitt Police Department? 

The Town of DeWitt Police Department does adult fingerprinting on Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m. until noon.   You must supply the proper fingerprint card.   This service is free to residents of the Town of DeWitt.   Non-residents must pay $10.00 per fingerprint card. 
What can I do with old ammunition I’ve found around the house? 

You can bring old ammunition to the Town of DeWitt Police Department for disposal.  Be very careful as old ammunition may become unstable.

Can I make an anonymous “tip” to the Town of DeWitt Police Department? 
You can make a police related “tip” to the Town of DeWitt Police Department by sending an E-mail to: tips@townofdewitt.com
I believe that I am the victim of identity theft.  How does the Dewitt Police Department handle my complaint of identity theft? 
After you file a complaint with the DeWitt Police, the officer will file a report which will then get forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Division.  You will then be contacted by an Investigator who will review the case.    In addition to contacting the DeWitt Police Department, you may also visit the Internet Crime Complaint Center  and file a report. This report is then submitted to a national database monitored by law enforcement officials.
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