Crime Alert Program (CAP)

In an effort to keep residents informed, we have implemented the Crime Alert Program (CAP). This program allows the DeWitt Police Department to communicate with residents more efficiently regarding safety matters. Most residents receive crime and safety information from the media. Some may find out what is going on in their neighborhood through casual conversations with friends. For some that is adequate, but for others email from their local police would be an ideal way to stay informed.

The purpose of the program is to inform residents of crime trends in their neighborhood within the Town of DeWitt via email alerts. Quite often we can protect ourselves from being a victim by being well informed, observant for ourselves and our neighbors, knowing what to do as a witness to criminal activity, and communicating with your police department. The program allows you to do all of these things.

This program will only be used by DeWitt Police to notify you of crime trends or safety issues that affect your community. If you are interested in signing up for CAP – please fill out the attached
CAP form and mail it to Dewitt Police, attention Lt. White or send the required information via email to:
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